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10 October 2006 @ 03:12 pm
I am leaving the community. I wish you all luck in the future.

Ashley, Ravenclaw
.:. Just Me Just the Way I Want to Be .:.: Ravenclaw 1mollywobblez on October 16th, 2006 09:54 pm (UTC)

At the time this notice was posted, our community was on hiatus. I did not mean to ignore you, but with Selene shutting everything down, I did not see this announcement until just now.

I wanted you to know that although your time with us was relatively short and it appears you came in at a time that the community was inactive, I appreciated the participation from you. I would also like to encourage you to re-join by placing the link to your application over at hh_sorting, or if you would like to be resorted, by re-submitting the entire application.

I think, had circumstances been different, you would have found this community much more fun, entertaining, active and all around a great place. With the re-opening you have a chance to participate in this community with those of us who stuck around through the entire re-vamping process, which I feel only shows the committment from us to this community.

If you still wish to remain as a non-member, I do again want to extend my appreciation for what you did in your time here.

~*Mandy*~ [ex-Ravenclaw Prefect who hopes to get her title back]