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19 June 2006 @ 12:25 pm
Sorting Log 6/18 - 6/24 and Weekly Reminders  
Okay, a few announcements for you all today:

1) Voting for last week's "random" hh_housecup challenge is open
here until Tuesday.
2) End of term means PwnFest. Selene and Maggie are looking for some volunteers to help out. Check it out
here and sign up before June 28.
3) Four new applications this week. Sorting log under the cut.

PLEASE remember to put at least one example from the application in your sort/vote!

a) Anastasia ~ machinemadusa ~
b) Jessica ~ live_n_love18 ~ application
c) Ashley ~ nostalgiaa ~ application
d) Katie ~ littlebitlonger ~ application

Top Sorters
sonneta: a, b, c, d
mollywobblez: a, b, c, d

emmidahling: b
le_navire: a, b, d

Needs to Sort
hobbitofkobol: a, b, c, d
amerbella: a, b, c, d
dmaussy: a, b, c, d
emmidahling: a, c, d
melisus: a, b, c, d
aurora_bennet: a, b, c, d
randomisedhabit: a, b, c, d
closeyoureyes: a, b, c, d
le_navire: c
wolfbane: a, b, c, d

Music: Matthew playing Mario Party 7